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98 2016-08-10 Future Course of Government 3.0 and Customized Services

Future Course of Government 3.0 and Customized Services
"Arirang's customers are viewers from Korea and abroad… Must unearth customers' needs to devise programming strategies"

Arirang International Broadcasting on August 10 organized a lecture by Soongsil University Professor Choi Jung-il under the theme "Future Course of Government 3.0 and Customized Services." Professor Choi stressed that the least favorable thing for customers is having questions and waiting, and that the primary goal of government 3.0 is to unearth the hidden needs of all citizens and to provide customized services. "Only five percent of customers' needs are expressed verbally; the remaining 95 percent are hidden," said Professor Choi quoting Harvard University Professor Gerald Zaltman. He added that in order to uncover customers' hidden needs, it is important to collect their opinions via diverse channels.

Professor Choi cited Kakako's GPS smartphone app "Kimgisa" and the weather forecast app "K-weather" as the best examples of how large, high value-added data is disclosed by the government to the public to make people's lives more convenient and to be used widely for industrial purposes in the era when information is a powerful and profitable tool. He also introduced examples of how collaboration among government agencies under the Government 3.0 initiative helps ordinary people to apply for childbirth and child care subsidies by visiting a local administrative center just once or use the results of their health checkups when applying for drivers' license.

Professor Choi called on Arirang International Broadcasting to view all of its viewers in Korea and abroad as "customers" or "consumers," and urged it to determine its identity first in order to devise programming strategies in line with its identity. He also urged Arirang to find out what kind of its data can be used externally.

In conclusion, Professor Choi emphasized that the disclosure and sharing of public information as well as communication and cooperation are the essential elements of the "creative economy" and that observation is a must when it comes to developing new things.

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