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The World On Arirang

Reaching every corner of the world. Arirang TV is to present an unbiased view and reliable information of Korea to the world through the wide range of programs such as Korean news, cultural, educational and entertainment show, dramas, documentaries and more.

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138 2017-04-11 2017 Reorganization of Arirang TV & Radio

2017 Reorganization of Arirang TV & Radio

▶Arirang TV Presents Northeast Asia News from Korea's Point of View

Starting from March 27 (Mon.) after its spring reorganization, Arirang TV will be reborn as "the network that represents the voice of Korea." The purpose of the latest reorganization is twofold. The first part is to establish Arirang TV's identity as a TV network that represents Korea's position and perspective in today's rapidly changing global environment. The second part is to strengthen its role as an international broadcasting media in order to recover Korea's damaged reputation.

▷Broadcasting Korea's Voice through Expanded News Programs
Live news programs will be aired 17 times a day to present accurate information on Korea to opinion leaders in Korea and abroad.Arirang TV is also planning and will produce joint programs with other networks in China and Japan like the Arirang Special episode on "South Korea and China Ties 2017" with CGTN, which aired as a Lunar New Year's Day special and caused quite a sensation, in order to provide a place for Korea, China and Japan to consider and discuss Northeast Asian issues together.

▷Special Programs on Global Issues in Commemoration of the Reorganization
[A Defector's Tale: North Korea Uncovered], a special 10-episode talk show, has been produced in order to reveal the truth about North Korea, heard from Thae Yong-ho, a former North Korean diplomat to London, to viewers all over the world. (* Air date: March 27 to April 7, from Mon. to Fri. at 20:30 * Host: Moon Conn-young/ Main Anchor of Arirang TV News 20:00) With a total of 10 episodes, each episode was aired every day for 2 weeks, starting on March 27 (Mon.) to commemorate the reorganization.
A special documentary commemorating the reorganization, "The Human Face of 4th Industrial Revolution" (March 27 (Mon.) at 21:00) shows how close the 4th industrial revolution is and what impact it will have on mankind through the analysis made by experts from around the world.

▷New International Broadcast Programs on Subjects such as Tourism, Culture and Economy
[Tour Avatar], which explores Korea based on the suggestions made by global viewers online in real-time, is a new type of virtual travel program. (* Air date: Every Monday / 11:05/ Premieres on April 10 *Host: Chef Lee Won-il)
[Prosumer LAB 101] is a new program that introduces outstanding Korean products with stylish designs and excellent technology to the world by presenting the strong points of each product through a comparative analysis from the consumers' perspective and new, creative ways to use the products. (* Air date: Every Tuesday / 06:30 / Premieres on April 25 (Tue.) *Host: Han Seok-jun)

[Heart to Heart] , a talk show with famous guests from Korea and abroad, is one of the longest running programs on Arirang TV. After airing its final episode in March 2015, it has been re-created as a new program with the reorganization. (* Air date: Every Monday to Wednesday / 10:30/ Premiered on March 27 * Host: Jennifer Clyde)

[The 3s] is a cultural documentary that presents 3 perspectives on Korea and its cultural trends. It distinguishes itself from other programs by presenting cultural diversity and interpreting 3 themes of traditions, trends and emotions, which everyone can empathize with, from foreigners' perspective through beautiful visualization. (* Air date: Every Tuesday / 11:05 / Premiered on March 28)

Arirang Radio▶Arirang Radio seeks to draw close to its audience through new Segments such as introducing stories about foreigners living in Korea and carrying out missions given by the audience

[#dailyK] (Air date: Evey day at 9 AM) You can watch the whole cooking process on visible radio.

[Catch The Wave] (Air date: Every day at 6 PM) presents "Link Think Big Data!," a new weekly segment that provides a wide variety of information by analyzing the weekly keyword through big data analysis.

[Sound K] (Air date: Everyday at 8 PM) has a new segment, "XX Challenge," which is a new type of radio broadcast with videos that selects the latest trending items and introduces them live on broadcast by showing a demonstration in the studio or a video clip that's been recorded beforehand.

[Music Access] (Air date: Everyday at 2 PM) has created a new segment "Friday Busking." Come hear about the cultural differences between Korea and the U.K., told from the perspective of a British musician, who married a Korean woman and lives in Korea.

[Hot Beat] (Air date: Everyday at 12 AM) What would I do in a situation like this? Let's learn about various cultural responses in certain situations in Hot Beat's new segment, "If You."

[K-Poppin] (Air date: Everyday at 12 PM) The "Idol Class Season 3" is a segment created to introduce Korea's entertainment culture through K-Pop musicians and show you how to study English and Korean by teaching English to K-Pop stars, who dream of becoming Korean Wave idols.

[Wonders of Jeju] (Air date: Everyday at 10 PM) The segment "New Tales from Tamna" introduces the legends of Jejudo Island, where 18,000 deities reside, in a radio drama format.

[Hello, Gugak!] (Air date: 2 AM on Sundays and Mondays) The segment "In Search of Time Past" introduces Korean folk songs that are slowly disappearing from our lives, along with stories.

[It Classic] (Air date: 7 AM on Saturdays and Sundays) Let's learn about various Korean classical musicians from the past and present, who have been active in diverse areas through the new segment "K-Musicians A to Z."

[Super K-Pop] (Air date: Everyday at 4 PM) The segment "Stress Out? Let's Play" is a mission-based program that blows away stress by accepting requests from the audience and granting them on-site.

No Title Date Hit
146 2020 Arirang Radio Survey on Jejudo Island 2020-10-07 1607
145 [Heart to Heart] "Korean Billy" Kong Sung-jae Captivates Britain with His Accent 2017-06-01 8798
144 Arirang TV to Broadcast to Athletes' Lodging Facilities During the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2017-06-01 8367
143 [InsideBiz] New Consumption Pattern, "New Sixties" 2017-06-01 8590
142 A New Direction for Moon Jae-in administration toward North Korea 2017-06-01 7958
141 Rich Contents on Future Industries 2017-04-11 7919
140 Reportage, [Smart with Heart] 2017-04-11 8094
139 First Broadcast of [I'm Live], a Live Music Performance Program 2017-04-11 8178
138 2017 Reorganization of Arirang TV & Radio 2017-04-11 8971
137 [Arirang Special] PyeongChang 2018 : Preparing for the World 2017-03-09 8814
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