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The World On Arirang

Reaching every corner of the world. Arirang TV is to present an unbiased view and reliable information of Korea to the world through the wide range of programs such as Korean news, cultural, educational and entertainment show, dramas, documentaries and more.

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105 2016-10-10 Arirang TV reshuffles its Program Lineup

Arirang TV reshuffles its Program Lineup

Arirang TV reflected its preference of broadcasting contents per global zone and carried out a domestic and international program reorganization, with the purpose of making some prime time contents distinctive.

Newly appointed on June 21, ArirangTV's CEO Moon Jae-wan commented, "Arirang TV is going to celebrate its 20th Anniversary in upcoming February, followed by the reform of its unsettled atmosphere within the company and the successful launch of its channel on the U.K satellite platforms." He also added, "this reorganization is focused on 'expanding the news and current affairs programs' and increasing the quality of its contents as a step before the establishment of the 24-hour news system in 2017, and on adopting the government's policy of 'the expansion of K-Culture 4.0 K-Wave Spectrum.'

Additionally, he mentioned, "Arirang’s contents have a huge strongpoint with its English content in the world of new media. We are planning to make continuous investments to swiftly enlarge our alliance with global new media platforms and to lead ahead of other major international broadcasters in the new media market.

Arirang TV is currently providing its contents through the cooperation with 25 video platforms and 45 social media platforms, which have strong advantage in the global market. Under the company's social media expansion strategy, it also partnered with a North American company Tagboard and newly applied the hashtags(#) to the most popular programs; [#Stylecast], [#After School Club], and [#B-Cruze].

Major Reorganization Contents and Programs

■ Contents Specialized for Europe, North America, Asia and Korea


Europe: 'Economics and Culture' focused programs [Global Business Report], [Start Up Korea], [Bizline] and 'K-Wave' focused programs [Arts Avenue], [ArTravel], [Arirang Odyssey], [K-Phile]
Asia: 'K-wave' focused [Showbiz Korea], [Pops in Seoul], [Simply K-pop], [#After School Club], [#Stylecast], [Onstage K]
America: 'News and current affairs' focused programs [Peninsula Focus], [Upfront], [News Inside], [4 Angles], [Newscenter(40-minute main news)] are arranged per region. In case of domestic channels, local news for foreigners living in Korea has been enlarged, in addition to the Korean subtitle service for the convenience of Korean viewers. Also, a news program [Domestic News (only Korea at 18:20-18:30)] has been newly launched to focus on the local news.

■ The Expansion and intensification of News and Current Affairs Programs


With the goal of adopting a 24-hour news system after the Spring program reorganization in 2017, Arirang News will be on air every 2 hours from 6:00 to 24:00 (06, 08, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24) on the weekdays.
Talk programs such as [Peninsula Focus] and [Foreign Correspondents] that discuss hot current affairs issues have been newly added to improve the quality of the contents in the global news industry.

■ The Extension of K-Culture 4.0 Hallyu Spectrum Expansion Related Programs


Arirang TV newly launched beauty fashion program [Stylecast (every Wednesday at 6:30AM)] to revitalize K-Culture 4.0 Hallyu-related industry as well as to seek the global promotion.
Two new programs, [ArTravel (Every Monday at 7:00am)] and [Tour vs Tour Season 2 (every Wednesday at 11am)], are also set up to introduce the attractive side of Korea's cultural tour seen through foreigners' perspectives.

■ Strengthened Service for Foreigners in Korea and Domestic Viewers


Arirang TV newly launched [Domestic News (18:20-18:30)] in order to carry out a role as a Korean information channel for foreign opinion leaders in Korea.
Also in order to improve the convenience of the domestic viewers, Korean subtitle service is offered for following programs: an imported documentary [Discover World], children's English quiz competition program [Quiz Whiz Junior], and a program designated to teach practical Korean to Chinese tourists, [Travel Korean].


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