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VJ Doctor's vaccine VLOG Updated: 2021-03-05 17:04:49 KST

March 4, 2021
I'm at the site of the injection.
I just registered myself to begin the process.
Now I'm going to the consultation desk.
Did you have any issues with previous vaccinations?
The medical expert asks questions about pre-existing conditions
and goes over necessary information about the vaccine.
This particular document, I'm supposed to fill it with my personal information.
After 15 minutes to 30 minutes, if I ever show any certain side effects I'm supposed to report to them.
So 15 minutes have passed since I received the vaccine
and well currently to be honest I'm really not feeling anything.
Another 15 minutes have passed. I'm hitting the 30-minute mark now.
As you can see I'm really not feeling anything.
It's been about roughly five hours.
I'm doing quite well.
I feel more empowered after the vaccination.
Now I just want to take a moment to really assure all of those people
who might be watching.
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