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On-Point: How people can protect their assets amid growing fears of recession Updated: 2022-08-09 06:07:44 KST

It's time for ON-Point, where we speak to experts to delve deeper into some of the key issues in the spotlight right now.
The global economy is suffering from high inflation and growth has been largely stymied by supply chain disruptions and COVID-19.
And things have reached the point where financial research institutions have been warning of a global recession.
So to discuss how to put your money to work and how to brace for a sharp financial downturn we have Professor Kim Sei-wan of Department of Economics at Ewha Womans University.
Good morning.
1. First, countries around the world are raising interest rates the latest being the Bank of England which went with a 50 basis points hike last week. Are these measures by central banks helping to tame inflation, and how does it work?
2. Now, let's focus on South Korea. The government has said it will announce some measures to help the livelihoods of people ahead of the Chuseok holidays. What can be done and how do you see this working out for South Koreans?
3. Apart from what the government is doing to help its people, what can individuals do to help them brace for a potential recession? How should people protect their assets or cash?
4. Here's the million dollar question. At a time like this, with industries and supply chains being hit first by a pandemic and then by war if people do have some spare cash, what stocks would make a sound investment?

Thank you so much for being with us. Of course, we always welcome your insights here.
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