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STUDIO & SKYPE SESSION ONE Updated: 2021-11-23 10:24:54 KST

Earlier this month the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency launched a special committee assigned with the task of comprehensive research into reports of adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccination.
For more I have Doctor PARK Byung-joo who is in charge of this new committee called the Vaccine Safety Committee.
Pleasure to have you here Doctor Park.
Also joining this session virtually is Professor Justin Fendos at Dongseo University over in Busan.
It's been a while Professor Fendos welcome back.

1) Doctor Park let's start with a few words about the newly launched Vaccine Safety Committee AND do tell us how its ROLE differs from the existing vaccine injuries investigation committee.

2) Professor Fendos it has been said that proving a link between an adverse reaction and vaccination is extremely challenging.
Could you explain this reality for us?

3) And Doctor Park what can you tell us about the compensation efforts here in the country for those who experience adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccinations?
((OUT OF the 8-hundred-66 POST-VACCINATION FATALITIES as of earlier this month the KDCA has ruled that TWO CASES are linked to COVID-19 vaccinations.
Man in his 30s who died with blood clots in the brain after his first AstraZeneca shot.
Man in his 20s who died with heart inflammation after his first Pfizer shot.))

4) Professor Park I understand that previously authorities here turned to research results overseas to guide them through determining a link between an adverse reaction and COVID-19 vaccination.
How will your committee seek to tackle this task?
NOW for the sake of comparison we turn to Australia WHERE OVER 10-thousand people have REGISTERED for a government PROGRAM that SEEKS to COMPENSATE those who ENDURED HEALTH ISSUES after COVID-19 inoculation.
For more I have Doctor MU-KESH HAI-KER-WAL LIVE on the LINE.
Doctor Haikerwal it's a pleasure to have you on the show.

5) Doctor Haikerwal do tell us a bit about the vaccination rate in Australia AND the reported cases of adverse reactions.

6) Doctor Haikerwal I hear claims for compensation will be ASSESSED from mid-December.
What can you share with us about the assessment procedure?
((I mean what are the guidelines to determine who is eligible for compensation?))

7) Professor Fendos for the sake of clarity what can you tell us about the POSSIBILITY of RACE-RELATED ((OR GENDER-RELATED)) differences with regard to post-inoculation adverse reactions?

8) Meanwhile Doctor Park does the presence of your committee SIGNAL the POSSIBILITY of CHANGES in PREVIOUS CAUSALITY ASSESSMENTS of reported adverse cases made by the KDCA?

9) Back in Australia Doctor HAI-KER-WAL I believe THOUSANDS of protestors took to the streets this past weekend DENOUNCING COVID-19 vaccinations.
What would you say is fueilng these rallies AND what do you propose in response?

10) Professor Fendos here in Korea vaccinations among teenagers have YET to gather momentum amid concerns over possible physical repercussions.
Do you suppose an active compensation campaign AND related treatment efforts would SERVE to boost inoculations among them?

11) And Doctor Park how long would it take on average to scientifically prove a link between an adverse reaction and COVID-19 vaccination?

12) Doctor Park let's end with a few words on your committee's plans for the near future.

All right
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