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COVID-19 issues extended talk Updated: 2021-11-01 10:57:34 KST

Won-jong, you mentioned that children aged 12 to 15 are next in line to get inoculated with Pfizer vaccines. But, could other types of vaccines soon become available to minors as well?

Right now, children in 12 to 17 in South Korea are only eligible for the Pfizer vaccine.
Looking at other countries such as the U.S., the FDA has authorized the use of Pfizer shot for children 5 to 11.
Of course, they are waiting for the approval from the CDC.
But interesing thing is, the FDA has not yet given the green light to Moderna vaccine for teenagers yet.
There are some reports saying they are still looking at the possible side effects linked to the Moderna shot such as myocarditis.
We will see how their decision might change over the course of time.

Let's turn back to Soa, many people have waited for the first step towards normalcy, but as you cited government officials' assessments, there's been a rise in infections lately, and one worrisome factor that we have been talking about quite extensively last week was the Halloween weekend, with special inspections having taken place, right?

Thank you for , for those updates. I'll see you again tomorrow.
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