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STUDIO TALK Updated: 2021-10-26 10:58:56 KST

For more on these efforts to transition into a new normal I have Professor Jung Ki-suck from Hallym University.
It's a pleasure to see you again Professor Jung.
I also have Doctor Kim Seung-taek from Institut Pasteur Korea.
It's good to have you back Doctor Kim.

1) Professor Jung Korea has fully inoculated 70-percent of its population and this milestone was reached in about 8 months.
Let's begin with your assessment of Korea's vaccination campaign.

2) Doctor Kim despite these advances on the inoculation front there are more than a million Koreans in their 60s and ABOVE who have YET to register for their vaccines.
What can be done to encourage these elderly people to seek vaccination?

3) Professor Jung earlier on Monday authorities made public their PRELIMINARY EXIT PLAN.
How do you respond to this plan?

4) Professor Jung Korea's exit strategy will be carried out in THREE PHASES at SIX-WEEK INTERVALS starting in November.
Initially it had appeared that authorities would base their transition strategy on the level of public inoculation.
What are your thoughts on the shift in strategy?

5) Doctor Kim starting next month a total of ten people can gather regardless of vaccination status and restrictions on operating hours will be lifted for most businesses WITH THE EXCEPTION of nightlife entertainment venues which will be required to close at midnight.
What are your thoughts?

6) And Professor Jung what are your words of advice with regard to PREVENTING an ALARMING RESURGENCE in the wake of EASED RESTRICTIONS?

7) Doctor Kim some establishments including indoor sports centers as well as nightlife entertainment venues WILL REQUIRE proof of vaccination OR a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours.
Now there is bound to be conflict over this requirement.
How should it be resolved?

8) Doctor Kim also starting next month those who are ASYMPTOMATIC OR HAVE mild symptoms will be TREATED AT HOME.
What support framework do you propose to ensure their wellbeing?

9) Professor Jung come Friday authorities will share their final EXIT blueprint.
Having said that what are some revisions that you would suggest to the current preliminary plan announced on Monday?

9-2) Doctor Kim what are your recommendations for revisions to the current plan?

10) Professor Jung at the moment healthcare workers and those aged 60 and above are being offered booster shots.
Do you believe Korea's booster campaign should be expanded?

11) Doctor Kim authorities here will SOON announce their booster plan for those who received the Janssen vaccine.
Now over in the U.S. authorities have approved mix-and-match inoculations for Janssen recipients but I believe White House chief medical adviser Doctor Anthony Fauci has recommended using one's original vaccine as a booster dose.
What are your thoughts?

12) Doctor Kim so the exit plan is the place but public participation is prerequisite to pave a productive path out of the pandemic.
Do you agree?

13) Professor Jung Halloween has authorities bracing for a potential spike in transmissions.
Perhaps we can end today's talk with a few words of caution from you to our viewers for a safe celebration?

All right
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