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S. Korea receives more Pfizer doses as the country gears up for third quarter inoculations Updated: 2021-06-23 09:56:31 KST

In a week from now, South Korea's current social distancing scheme will expire and a new, more relaxed scheme will take effect.
However, that doesn't mean the COVID-19 situation is resolved.
Over the past 24 hours, there were more than 600 new cases for the first time in two weeks.
For more on this and the vaccine roll-out, we have our Kim Do-yeon on the line.

Mark, the country reported 645 new cases on Wednesday the first time in nearly two weeks that cases have been above 600.
Of those 605 were locally transmitted.
As you mentioned, this is still a sign the situation could worsen despite the fact that in a week, new, less stringent measures will come into force.

"COVID-19 will not miss its chance when we let our guard down. We have learned this from the past 18 months. For the new social distancing scheme to successfully settle in and for citizens to return to their normal lives we ask for active participation once again."

As for the country's inoculation drive officials are currently focusing on making sure second doses are provided more so than giving out first doses as it closes its inoculation drive for the first half of the year.
That said, yesterday more than 125-thousand people got their second dose as opposed to 30-thousand who received their first shots.
As of now just over 15 million have received at least one dose and of them more than 4 million have received either both or Janssen's one-shot vaccine.

Right and what does the vaccination roll-out look like for the later half of the year and how's the vaccine supply looking? Also, we reported this morning that more Pfizer vaccines arrived tell us more about that and who'll be getting them.

Mark, six-hundred-50-thousand new doses of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine arrived early Wednesday in South Korea.
The shipment makes up part of the 66 million doses the country bought directly from Pfizer and 7 million of those are due by the end of June.
The Pfizer vaccine is currently being used for people 75 or older along with anyone under 30 who's eligible, such as soldiers, fire fighters, and those in the medical field.
Also added to the Pfizer recipient list are those that were to receive shots in the first half of the year but had their reservations canceled when supplies ran out.
The sign-up period began at midnight and ends in eight days.
The authorities say about 200-thousand people are eligible but most of them are 60 to 74 years old and were originally going to get AstraZeneca shots.
But this opportunity will not be available for people who didn't sign up before.
Reporter : tkim@arirang.com
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