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From phones to cars, people can easily shop at self-service stores Updated: 2021-06-19 09:13:38 KST

As more businesses these days are turning non-contact, even mobile network providers are jumping in on the trend.
As a person checks in at the self-service store, they receive a QR code and the kiosk offers them a Korean or English language service.
Then, they can use the code as a personal ID.
They can use the QR code to change their phone number or payment plans.
Customers can check out new phones and compare specs by looking at the information on the screen display.
If they want to buy a phone they can walk in to a private room and sign up with a registration form.
When it's all filled up, a piece of paper with a new QR code will come out.
And by scanning this, the doors of a drawer will automatically open giving them a new SIM card and phone.

"It takes less than 5 minutes to change your phone, and if changing the network company, it will take about 10 minutes."

The store is open 24/7, but is only manned during regular working hours for any customers unfamiliar with the system.
All three of South Korea's major mobile network providers have launched self-service stores.
In the evening, customers can shop for a new car.
Hyundai Motor is operating a self-service showroom with an AI robot called "DAL-e" guiding visitors.

"When you have a question about the car, all you need to do is ask the robot. Hello, DAL-e."

"Many people in their 20s and 30s visit and they stay longer than normal. Customers check out the cars by lying down on them and comparing two or three cars."

If you want to buy the car, you can schedule a meeting with the dealer.
This place is open until 10 PM everyday.
Analysis shows that the global unmanned kiosk market could grow by 70 percent from its 2020 level by 2028.
From TVs and home appliances to daily necessities, self-service stores are already here selling a wide range of products.
Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News.
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