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G7 Summit begins in Cornwall, UK; discussions to focus on pandemic and climate change Updated: 2021-06-11 16:50:37 KST

The group of seven leaders across the world are now in Cornwall for the summit.
The first G7 meetings will be held on Friday, running through Sunday.
They will be discussing a wide range of issues, from the pandemic to climate change.
For more, we have our Choi Won-jong on the line for us.
Won-jong, tell us more about the summit.

Conn-young, the leaders of the seven countries are in the southwestern county of Cornwall.
To be specific, they'll be meeting this weekend at the Carbis Bay Hotel well known for its seaside views.
In addition to the host country, this includes the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the U.S.
And as guests, they have also invited the leaders of Australia, India, South Africa, and South Korea.
It's been two years since the G-7 has been held in person.
Last year's edition was supposed to be held in the U.S. but was delayed because of the pandemic.
The 2021 G7 summit is aiming to bring the world together, and as the slogan goes, "build back better" from the pandemic.
Now, on Saturday, the leaders will be discussing how to build back on health issues.
They'll be focusing especially on finding ways for global vaccine supplies to be more accessible and equitable.
The leaders will also come up with ways to provide vaccine support to developing countries.
They are also expected to talk about ways to implement a constructive system to prevent new disease in the future along with the World Health Organization.
On the last day of the summit, another key issue on the table will be climate change and the environment.
It will be a chance for the G7 leaders to double-check each other's stance on the Paris Agreement and to discuss international cooperation to preserve global biodiversity.
After three days of discussions, the leaders will be issuing a joint statement this coming Sunday.
That's all I have you at this hour.
Back to you, Conn-young.
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