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S. Korea has given more than 10 million people at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose Updated: 2021-06-11 06:02:46 KST

One hundred and five days, into South Korea's rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, the country has reached the milestone figure of 10 million.

"As of Thursday, 10 million and 60-thousand people have had their first jab, amounting to nearly 19.6 percent of the population getting at least one dose."

The country broke the 1 million mark on April 5th, 39 days after the rollout began in February.
But the vaccination rate has gone drastically up since mid-May, on the back of increased vaccine supply.
And active participation is also playing a critical role.
More than 80 percent of those aged 60-to-74 eligible for the second quarter inoculation campaign have booked their shots, and are currently getting them.
As well as that, some 900-thousand military-related personnel, over the age of 30, have started their vaccinations on Thursday, receiving the Johnson and Johnson vaccine that's being rolled out in the country for the first time.
The bookings for this ONE-SHOT vaccine, were filled in just 18 hours.

"I luckily got a spot on the bookings site. The inoculation also went quite smoothly, the line wasn't long and I don't feel any side effects. My friend also got the shot today, he had a fever but now says he's in good condition. I feel like things are really getting to the end"

Also starting mid-June, police officers and soldiers, dialysis patients, and some teachers, aged below 30 will be getting Pfizer's vaccine.
They were previously excluded from the AstraZeneca vaccinations due to risk of rare blood clotting.
When all these groups finish getting their first doses, South Korea expects the tally to surpass its goal for the end of June of 14 million.
Authorities believe they are on track to achieve 36 million vaccinations by end of September the threshold for reaching herd immunity.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.
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