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Leaders' statements and overall atmosphere of P4G Seoul Summit Updated: 2021-05-31 19:51:01 KST

Now let's turn to our Blue House correspondent Hong Yoo for more on the statements made by other leaders during the dialogue session.
So Yoo, now that we have gone over President Moon's statement, what did the other 12 leaders of states and international organizations have to say?

Connyoung, the 13 participants of the leaders' dialogue session included Denmark, Columbia, EU and the U.S.
They debated on three topics tonight: inclusive green recovery from COVID-19, global response to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, and efforts to expand public and private cooperation to enhance climate response.

The two-day long P4G Seoul Summit served as an opportunity to form a troika between former host country Denmark, current host country South Korea and the next host country Colombia. The sustainability of the summit and has improved its credibility.

Now Yoo, this was a virtual summit so they must have put a lot of effort into keeping the event entertaining.
How was it different to previous face-to-face summits?

Connyoung, as you said, the P4G Seoul Summit was held virtually.
As the host country, South Korea wanted to show off its advanced technology in augmented reality and advanced media.
During tonight's leaders' dialogue session, organizers used what they called "video mapping technology" to produce hologram-like images of sandy coasts, Suncheonman Bay Wetlands in Jeollanam-do Province, and mudflats which the Ministry of Environment had announced could disappear due to climate change.
Today, you could also see objects that demonstrate South Korea's renewable energy technologies.
That includes a Hyundai Motors' hydrogen powered car, a solar energy module made by Hanhwa Q Cells, and Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction's wind power generator.
During the opening ceremony yesterday, they also used the video mapping technology to fill in the empty space with a newly-translated version of a painting of Inwang Mountain in Seoul made in the Joseon Dynasty.
During the opening ceremony, they also used what they called "ViveStudios Immersive Technology" which visualized an augmented reality of South Korea's pine tree forest and endangered animals.
Back to you, Connyoung.
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