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President Moon takes part in special talks to promote P4G Summit Updated: 2021-05-28 06:00:03 KST

Asked what pledge he would make if he were to become president of the earth President Moon Jae-in says reducing marine waste.
Moon held special talks with South Korean actress Park Jin-hee and American TV personality Tyler Rasch both advocates for climate action to discuss ways to protect the environment as Seoul gears up to host its first multilateral climate-related summit.

"I would reduce marine waste and switch our fishing equipment to environmentally friendly materials that decompose and not pollute the sea. Our government is making a lot of effort. I want to raise this as a task for the whole world."

For two days, starting Sunday, South Korea will host the Partnering for Green Growth and Global Goals or P4G Summit -- bringing together some 60 heads of states and international organizations.
It's a framework aimed at enhancing partnerships to achieve the UN's sustainable development goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change.
The summit will conclude with the adoption of the 'Seoul Declaration' which will likely include commitments to overcoming COVID-19 and the climate crisis, and addressing maritime pollution.
South Korea has been joining global efforts on climate change, and declared last year that it would become carbon neutral by 2050.
The current target is a 24.4 percent reduction in emissions from 2017 levels with the government expected to raise that goal later this year.

"We have an economic structure that's reliant on carbon, so it won't be easy to achieve within 30 years. At this rate, we realized that it will be hard to lower the earth's temperature by 1.5 degrees Celsius, so there are global efforts to raise the targets for 2030."

The president asked the South Korean public to join the campaign.

"The country needs to make efforts to protect the earth and the environment, and we also need international cooperation, but what's more important are the small actions that each of us take in our daily lives."

This weekend, South Korea will launch a presidential committee on the nation's zero carbon initiative which will be in charge of the country's climate change response and efforts to cut emissions.
Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.
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