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San Francisco-based startup grows edible salmon in laboratory Updated: 2021-05-12 10:01:31 KST

Fishing too much from the ocean might not be sustainable,so how about a salmon roll, with a difference,perhaps one made by scientists?
As more eco-friendly consumers move toward alternatives to animal products, Wildtype, a San Francisco-based startup is growing salmon in a laboratory.
It unveiled the latest prototype of its lab-grown salmon, which is made with real Coho salmon cells.

"We are only growing the parts that we eat. So typically when a fish is harvested, there's so much of it that is just discarded. So things like you know the fins and tails and guts and parts that we don't consume. So when we started Wildtype, we wanted to really focus on just in the most efficient way possible, create just what we eat."

He added that the product is made using a brewery-like system in stainless steel tanks and it can be grown in six to eight weeks.
Wildtype aims to provide salmon that contains the same nutritional benefits and taste as fish caught in the wild, but without contaminants including mercury, microplastics, antibiotics or pesticides.
The company is currently only producing prototypes but plans to eventually sell its salmon to restaurants and retail stores across the U.S.
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