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London presents masterpieces on streets through lens of augmented reality Updated: 2021-05-10 10:02:57 KST

Welcome, it's time for the 'World Now'. Bringing you some of the most interesting news from around the globe, I'm Eum Ji-young.
The pandemic has altered almost everything around the world, even pushing how we look at art, from inside to out.
Some of London's biggest galleries have joined forces to bring their masterpieces onto the streets, through the lens of augmented reality.

"you know, technology is magic and it's becoming more magical every day. So, yes, it's very simple, actually, even for someone who isn't good at that sort of thing like me, you download the app, you point it at one of these markers and lo and behold, a stunning masterpiece is revealed."

By scanning the code, people get to see the art and hear the background and the history behind it for free.
A trail of 20 art pieces, including famous works by Vincent van Gogh and portraits of iconic sitters like William Shakespeare, have become part of the city's landscape.
The gallery organizers said, the idea had been out there for a while but COVID-19 and the need for social distancing gave it wings.
The Augmented Gallery will run until July 1st.
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