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Dutch researchers train bees to detect COVID-19 Updated: 2021-05-07 10:02:13 KST

Welcome, it's time for the 'World Now'. Bringing you some of the most interesting news from around the globe, I'm Eum Ji-young.
Scientists have come up with an unusual way to detect the coronavirus, using bees.
Bees are about to get buzzier as they are getting trained to sniff out COVID-19.
Dutch researchers are utilizing the insect's acute sense of smell to identify infected samples.

"We present coronavirus positive and coronavirus negative samples and after presenting a positive sample we always present sugar water afterwards."

He added that bees can be trained quickly, shown by the way they extend their straw-like tongue after being presented a positive sample to drink the sugar-water reward.
Researchers also say that this method is cheap, and could help countries where test kits are scarce.
Some insects including moths, bees and wasps are usually used to detect explosives.
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