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Threat of poaching rhino in S. Africa is back after easing of COVID-19 restrictions Updated: 2021-05-04 10:06:28 KST

South Africa's wildlife parks are concerned over a rebound in rhino poaching this year.
A chainsaw shears off a Rhino's horn, sending white flakes of keratin into the air.
These people are not poachers but conservationists in South Africa, trying to protect the near-threatened rhinoceros.
Dehorning prevents poachers from killing rhinos for their horns, which fetch a high price in some places.
Wildlife parks say the threat of rhino poaching has been on the rise in South Africa since the government loosened international COVID-19 travel restrictions in November.

"So since November, December last year and into 2021, this landscape and particularly, Kruger National Park has been experiencing serious numbers of rhino poaching incidents."

South Africa's poaching crisis has caused the rhino population to plunge, with only about 16-thousand rhinos left in the country.
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