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Anti-Asian hate crimes: Cafe Maddy Cab reimburses cab fares for vulnerable Asian Americans Updated: 2021-04-20 09:58:51 KST

28-year-old dentist and Instagram vlogger Madeline Park no longer feels safe taking the train from Brooklyn to Manhattan for work.

"I didn't realize that I would feel so terrified on the train because of all the news articles and videos that I've seen and all the crimes that have been happening on the subway."

She started resorting to taking cab rides for her commute, but she quickly realized there are people that can't afford to do the same.

"You are a dentist. Right? It's not like you can't afford Uber rides when you really need it. Where'd you get an idea that there might be people that need support for Uber rides?"

"I'm fortunate enough to do that but I kinda thought about all the years I've been a student at New York City. I've been a student here almost for seven years. I know what it's like to be broke here. You don't take cabs unless you really really need to."

She used two thousand dollars of her own money to create a fund for anyone who needed their taxi fare reimbursing.
She told her 50-thousand Instagram followers about it, and quickly donations followed.
She started accepting funds on April 2nd, and so far has raised over 125-thousand dollars.
That money has gone to help people like this social worker who had been threatened in the past.

"I feel less anxious. I feel more safe in terms of being able to go out. If I can't really afford this ride… I'll probably be able to reach out to her."

The team of Madeline and ten of her friends have given out more than 11 hundred reimbursements while making sure the funds go to the people who need them most.
But around 100-thousand dollars of the donations came within the first two days and with the rate of donations slowing down. She says that at this rate, she will run out of funds to help people in less than a week.

"Just in general for the Asian American community it's a message of hope. I wish everyone were able to see the messages and notes that were flooding in through Venmo donations. It was people of all ethnicities"

From California to Canada, people have been reaching out to her, asking for advice to start similar projects in their own cities.
Donations are accepted through venmo and stimulus.app and more information is online on the Instagram page cafemaddycab.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News.

Reporter : tkim@arirang.com
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