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Variety of online performances viewers can enjoy safely at home Updated: 2020-08-28 17:07:43 KST

It's Friday, and that means it's time for our 'Life With Culture' segment is with culture correspondent Kim Bo-kyoung.
Hello Bo-kyoung, it must be hard for culture-lovers as most of the big shows have either been canceled or postponed.

That's true. As the government extended its strengthened social distancing measures this Friday, show-lovers won't be able to enjoy live performances on stage at the moment. But there is still a way to brighten our day with a piece of culture through online shows that are broadcast live on the Internet. The jazz concert that I visited was one of them. Let me show you how it went.

Jazz music fills the whole stage, but there's no audience present to hear it except for a few cameras.

"COVID-19 has stopped the show from being performed in front of a live audience. Instead, it was broadcast live online for fans to enjoy at home on the Naver TV channel."

"As COVID-19 started in January our shows scheduled in April, May and June were all changed to Naver TV live broadcast. I believe our experience and know-how made it possible to quickly change August's show to an online format right after the virus started spreading fast."

This show titled 'Songbook', played by well-known jazz artists Yun Suk-cheol Trio, is a part of Gwangmyeong Cultural Foundation's Jazz concerts that are held in the last week of every month.
The artists say although it is unfortunate not to be able to see fans in person, they are still glad to communicate with fans online.
Their song picks show how much they want to soothe people's minds.

"Since there was a big typhoon, I selected the song 'Gentle Wind' hoping there wouldn't be many people severely affected. The song 'I hear the ocean' was also played to let people who couldn't go on their summer vacations feel as if they were enjoying the sea."

The artists' and production team's quick collaboration allow the audience to enjoy the performance safely amid the current outbreak.

Online performances certainly seem a good way for viewers to enjoy the shows without having to worry about COVID-19. Are there any other online shows we can possibly watch?

Sure, there are more online shows people can enjoy while in the comfort of their own homes.
Korea National Opera presents its new opera 'Red Pants', a black comedy opera dealing with real estate development in Gangnam-gu District, one of the most expensive areas in Korea.
It uses satire to highlight inequality.
The National Gugak Center is showcasing experimental blends of Gugak with other art genres every Friday this month, and 'Name' is one of them. A traditional Gugak singer and bassist will collaborate, in a performance about the meaning of names.
Both shows will be available on the institutions' Naver TV channels.
From next Monday to Thursday, 'K-Musical On Air' broadcasts four hot Korean musicals every day at 8 PM. Those musicals are 'The Fan Letter', 'The Goddess is Watching You', 'Red Cliffs' and 'The Fiction'.
Viewers in Korea can watch it through Naver TV's 'K-Musical On Air' channel and viewers from abroad can watch it through V Live's 'V Musical' channel with English subtitles for each performance.
Renowned violinist Clara-Jumi Kang and pianist Yeol-eum Son will do a duo recital at Jeju Arts Center next Wednesday. The globally acclaimed performance will be open to viewers on the Jeju-si Facebook page and YouTube channel.

I think viewers will love this chance to watch the shows while relaxing at home. Thank you Bo-kyoung for letting us know what's on.

Thank you.

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