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How will COVID-19 transform culture? Updated: 2020-08-27 17:05:54 KST

Culture mirrors society.
And the way of consuming and producing cultural content has completely changed after the pandemic hit the world.
Concerts have gone online and people now visit closed museums and art galleries through their laptops.

Experts at the 2020 Culture Communication Forum say this could lead to the invention of more diverse ways of delivering cultural content.

"A survey on new trends showed that people are adapting to this new normal pretty fast. Many expected that there would be more consumption on streaming services like Youtube and Netflix."

However, some are worried that digitalized contents could limit choices.
Especially as digital algorithms that make suggestions based on tastes could narrow down the options one can pursue.

"The very different and specific things from different areas, that original things, the things that really touches and really make our hearts beat fasterthose things get lost in a kind of more bland, homogenized culture."

French economist and futurologist Jacques Attali says the pandemic will turn everybody into artists.
As people stay home, they are creating art themselvesbuying cameras and instruments.
This, he said is a result of self-love or narcissism.
He added that to hold on to culture, remaining curious is the key.

"We don't know how long this pandemic will last. So it's important to have our ears and eyes open to the world. Create, invent, go become an artist yourself. But most of all, be curious. Go and search for things you have not seen."

However, some say converting everything to online content is a simplistic approach to the problem and can be a threat to art.

"We must go by two tracks. Contact and non-contact. Art and performances have special functions that only live atmosphere and direct experiences can provide such as sharing emotions."

Experts also said art that uses new technology will prosper and pointed to holograms as a rising technology that is benefiting from the pandemic.
Choi Jeong-yoon, Arirang News.
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