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An expert's tips on how to beat the 'Corona Blues' Updated: 2020-04-03 09:50:29 KST

An expert has given five tips for people to beat the "Corona Blues".
First, share your feelings with close friends.
Keep communicating with somebody. Knowing you are not the only one worried about this abnormal situation could reduce anxiety and your sense of burden.

Second, keep a regular routine.
Lifestyles can become irregular if you are suddenly self-quarantined or need to work at home. By making sure that you are regularly doing something it will help you feel that life is under control.

Third, control what you hear and believe. Listen to news that is from reliable sources and for a set amount of time. Wrong information just amplifies anxiety.

"One of the reasons why it is hard to tackle COVID-19 is that nobody knows the correct details about the disease, and this is what worries people. One needs to avoid unreliable news and only believe the facts."

Fourth, separate your working area from the rest of your home.
Separation of these two areas can help reduce stress.

The last tip is to relax your body by doing abdominal breathing or stretching.

"If you are stressed out and nervous, your whole body might ache, but if you relax your muscles, it could lead your mind to relax too."

Meditation is also a nice way to relax your body.
Accordingly, a meditation app called 'Kokkiri', made by Buddhist teacher Hae-min has recently seen an increase in the number of users.

"I think it’s about 30-thousand people more than we would have expected. Also there’s more activity within the app so there are more people listening to more of our contents."

“Staying at home and keeping your distance from others can be tiring. But exercise and finding ways to clear your mind, such as meditation, can help you get through this isolation. KIM Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.”
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