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How S. Korea systematically monitors entrants during 14-day self-quarantine Updated: 2020-04-01 17:24:18 KST

South Korea is making sure that all entrants abide by the 2-week quarantine by monitoring them on a real time basis.

"Public officials will closely monitor entrants. We'll also use the Geographic Information System to track them, take reports from their neighbors, and use any other possible measures."

On day one, entrants get a phone call from a public official telling them to download a "self-quarantine app".
Through the app, they report their health conditions twice a day.
The app sends an alarm when it's time to send a report, or the screen automatically switches to the app when in use.

The app's GPS also tracks users' whereabouts, and it sends a warning when any location outside their house is detected, even if that location is still within their apartment complex.

In the meantime, entrants are also manually monitored by the public official assigned to them.

"One day I slept in so I couldn't submit the self-diagnosis on time. There were eight missed calls, and my official even called my dad to check my house."

And within 3 days, a public officer will deliver a quarantine kit.

"They gave me this spray disinfectant so that I can sterilize trash before I throw it away. I've also got many large garbage bags. This is an instant thermometer. I use a new one each day. And there's also this poster with tips on relieving stress.

The government provides a box of food so that those in quarantine don't need to go outside.
And for any essential trips like going to a testing site, it gives them specific instructions.

"I was not allowed to take the public transportation, except the cab. And I was to take my own car, and if you don't have any license they told me to ask your parents."

This monitoring applies to both Korean nationals and foreigners.

Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.
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