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Talk VCR Walk through testing center Updated: 2020-03-31 08:34:20 KST

S. Korea’s drive-through testing centers, the world’s first of their kind

The U.S., UK and Germany begin adopting S. Korea’s drive-through testing model

H Plus Yangji Hospital / Gwanak-gu District, Seoul

A new type of testing center is now in operation, having addressed the shortcomings of the early drive-through centers

YANG Moo-yul / Doctor
Drive-through testing centers can only be used by those with personal vehicles. They cannot be used by elderly citizens, adolescents and other people without cars, which is a huge drawback. So, we set up a walk-through testing booth where people can get tested without having to bring a motor vehicle.

1-person testing booth equipped with an environmental control unit

Those lining up to get tested fill out a medical form inside a negative pressure tent

Please go inside room 1.

Test-takers enter the booth
Medical staff talk to the person inside the booth via intercom

Samples are taken from outside the booth with the use of gloves

Your test is complete. Please put on your mask and wait outside.

We will send you a text message tomorrow with your test results.

Testing only takes around 3 minutes

YANG Moo-yul / Doctor
The testing procedure is very quick. Furthermore, the patients and medical staff are kept separated with a screen glass while the testing is carried out, reducing the risk of infection

Test-takers are notified to enter the booth via text message,
to prevent them from coming into contact with one another

KIM Dong-gyun / Test-taker

The waiting time is short and testing is carried out quickly, so I’m satisfied overall and can put my worries to rest.

KIM Hyun-sung / Test-taker

YANG Moo-yul / Doctor
Before the walk-through testing system was set up, we needed a lot of time for preparation and could only test around 15 people a day. With the new system in place, we can test anywhere between 80 to 100 people per day.

Time needed for decontamination also reduced from 30 minutes to 10 minutes

Medical staff can also conduct tests without being encumbered by heavy, protective suits

LEE Ju-young, WON Na-young / Nurses

We typically wore Level-D protective equipment while on duty, but they are difficult to put on and take off. Ever since the walk-through system was adopted, we can wear lighter and more comfortable clothing and still keep ourselves protected.

Media outlets in Japan, Germany and France zoom in on S. Korea’s walk-through testing centers
Argentina submits a request to acquire the system

YANG Moo-yul / Doctor
I’m surprised by the attention we’ve gotten from the foreign media. Journalists are coming from all over the world. Our hospital is only happy to share our knowledge and know-how.

S. Korea’s testing centers are continuing to evolve

Mobile, negative pressure testing booths developed by a healthcare professional

Taking advantage of windy conditions at Incheon International Airport,
an open-type walk-through testing center has been set up outside

What’s next for S. Korea’s innovations in testing?
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