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Should you drink, smoke or deliver food when social distancing and staying home amid COVID-19? Updated: 2020-03-31 06:35:30 KST

Social distancing is a term we've had to become extremely familiar with in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.
World leaders are pleading with the public to consciously avoid close contact with others, group gatherings and refrain from venturing outdoors unless absolutely necessary.
Some countries are enforcing social distancing as a mandatory measure.
Either way, it seems for now, we need to keep to ourselves but to what extent and why is it so important we take part in this initiative?
For more, we connect with Dr. Bruce Y. Lee, Doctor of Medicine and medical journalist in New York.
Thank you for joining us.

1. It seems like only measure we can take at this point is to practice social distancing and keep ourselves at home.
Does it work and how important is it to flattening the curve?

2. As cities across the world go under lockdown, it's hard to keep our spirits up as we stay home unable to socialize with friends out on the town. Is it safe to invite friends over or get food delivered?

3. Some like to hit the bottle even video calling friends to share in the experience. Can drinking alcohol worsen symptoms or heighten the risk of infection?

4. What about going out for a smoke? Can smoking worsen COVID-19 symptoms if you have them?

5. For those people that must go to work as essential workers, many of us in South Korea, at least, wear protective masks. But given the limited supply, many people have been reusing them for days - even over a week. How do masks work and is it safe to reuse them?

6. Social distancing works when there's a collective effort. But many of us are trying to get away with what we can. We still see university students queuing outside nightclubs, families venturing outdoors, people even hitting the beach. What are the dangers of taking this too lightly? And what kind of mindset should we have as a society during this pandemic?

7. Authorities are extending social distancing measures and campaigns by a fortnight in Korea, and in the U.S., it's been extended until the end of April. Do you see the period being extended even further, and until when should we maintain social distancing?

8. (If we have time) In the meantime, what are some safe ways we can remain connected with others but at a safe distance?

That's all we have time for today. But our viewers can follow Bruce Y. Lee's articles on social distancing and other COVID-19 issues on Forbes.
Thank you for joining us all the way from New York.
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