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Celebration of Chuseok at the Korean Folk Village Updated: 2019-09-13 14:39:22 KST

"Thousands of Koreans and foreign tourists are here to see the authentic beauty of old Korea.
The Korean Folk Village is located in the city of Yongin, a half-hour ride from Seoul."

It's a living museum -- you can walk around a farming village, a nobleman’s house and a traditional workshop. Even the convenience stores and souvenir shops are built in the traditional style with tile roofs.

(English )
"So this is actually my first time here in the Folk Village, I think they do a very great job at showcasing Korea's colorful culture to the public. It was really great to experience all of the very unique performances as well as the very traditional architectural structures. If you are in Korea, I definitely recommend checking this place out."

There are lots of activities, for example, the popular folk game called 'Yut Nori.'
And people are lining up for horseback riding, which costs five thousand Korean won, or a little over four U.S. dollars.

(Korean )
"I came here with my family and watched a performance of Samulnori, a kind of traditional Korean percussion music. I also ate the Korean cold noodles Mul-naengmyeon and did a lot of activities like horseback riding and boating. I absolutely want to come back here again."

The market place within the village is like an outdoor food court, where you can taste traditional Korean foods like Kimchi jeon and Bulgoggi.

Visitors can also try on different customes. Many are dressed as 'Seonnyeo,' a Korean fairy, and some are even dressed as 'Jeoseung saja,' the Korean version of the grim reaper.
The entrance costs 20 thousand Korean won, which is about 17 U.S. dollars, but you can get a discount of more than 40 percent if you wear hanbok.
Kim Jae-hee, Arirang News, Yongin.

Reporter : jhee@arirang.com
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