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Heavy rain is expected in central areas from tonight
Updated: 2022-06-28 10:40:42 KST
Good Tuesday afternoon The rain has been on and off in Seoul However, rain clouds are likely to intensify from tonight,,, bringing torrential downpours to central regions, with up to 50mm falling per hour A total of 200mm is expected in and around the Seoul metropolitan area and inland regions of Gangwon-do province with a heavy rain advisory in place.

Now many regions including the capital area are under a strong wind advisory with wind speed of up to 20m per second That means storm force wind So make sure your outdoor furniture and accessories are safely stored or firmly secured.

It was quite hot and muggy this morning Now many regions including Daegu are battling the heat,, and other regions will see a combination of heat and high humidity So your priority should be keeping yourself cool and hydrated

Unfortunately,, we have more intense rain in the forecast, centered on the mid-section of the country As lower ground is prone to flooding,, please do what you can do protect yourself from water damage

Now, let's take a look at the worldwide weather conditions
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