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[NEWS-INDEPTH] S. Korea maintains seven-day mandatory quarantine for four more weeks
Updated: 2022-06-17 17:14:12 KST
The seven-day mandatory self-isolation rule for people infected with COVID-19 stays in place for the time being.
That's what we've heard from South Korean health authorities this Friday.
What's behind the decision and what do we expect from now on in terms of the overall COVID situation?
For more, we have our go-to medical expert Dr. Alice Tan, joining us live via Skype from Seattle.
Dr. Tan, welcome to the program.

1. Health authorities say they took fatality rate and the possibility of a resurgence as key factors when deciding whether or not to lift the quarantine mandate.
Could you explain more about that?

2. We're seeing the COVID situation plateauing here in South Korea.
What impact will today's decision have in terms of disease prevention?

3. It seems like a number of European countries have five to seven-day isolation mandates, while the U.S. recommends five days of isolation, but it's not mandated.
What's the situation in other countries?

4. The Korean health authorities will wait and then make a reassessment every four weeks.
What's your forecast?

5. Will there be another wave this summer or fall here in South Korea?
If that's the case, what should we keep in mind to brace ourselves for one?

6. The health authorities cast doubt on achieving herd immunity even though over 90 percent of the population was found to have antibodies. Why is that?

Dr. Alice Tan from MizMedi Women's Hospital. Thank you for your insights.
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