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N. Korea's new COVID-19 cases fall below 200,000 as state media praise leader Kim Jong-un
Updated: 2022-05-22 12:33:39 KST
In North Korea, coronavirus cases reported today fell below 200-thousand for the first time in six days.
New cases came to just over 186-thousand, and the death toll so far rose by one to a total of 67.
The regime has reported more than 2.6 million cases since the first infection was acknowledged ten days ago.
The North is counting cases of what it calls a "fever" because of its inability to test for the virus with precision.
With a fatality rate of 3-one-thousandths of a percent, state media said the situation is stable.
Self-praise from the regime today a front page story today in the Rodong Sinmun claimed that North Korea, of all the countries in the world, had managed to keep out the virus the longest, which it said completely vindicated its policies of closed borders, lockdowns and restrictions on movement.
Another article tried to boost the image of leader Kim Jong-un, saying he's been working tirelessly late into the night and early in the morning for the past ten days to handle the situation.
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