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'Electric skin' generates current to stabilize body temperature underwater
Updated: 2022-05-09 06:24:31 KST
In the event of a major maritime accident, underwater rescues are essential.
But such operations have many risks.
One of the biggest risks is that heat loss from the human body is 25 times faster in water.
So the more time spent underwater, higher the risk of hypothermia.

But now, local researchers have developed an "electric skin" that will allow wearers to work underwater for longer by significantly reducing the loss of body heat.
This patch of electric skin is soft and very elastic. It uses thermoelectric technology to generate electricity from the temperature difference between the cold water and the warm body.

As soon as the electric skin is placed underwater, the graph shows a rise in power generation, which is 60 times higher in the water than in the air.
Another advantage of this skin is that the electricity it generates can also be used to power various sensors, including an electrocardiogram, allowing real-time monitoring of underwater workers.

"The Seebeck effect allows production of voltage from the temperature difference between the body and water. When abnormalities in body temperature are detected, the Peltier effect goes into effect to maintain electric current, which controls body temperature."

This new electric skin can produce current continuously as long as there is a temperature difference, and the greater the difference in temperature, the higher the current produced.
An attached battery can provide a more stable current in extreme environments.

"This skin can be used not only in water but also in very cold areas like the North or South Pole to maintain body temperature. And because it also has a cooling function, it can be used in hot areas as well."

The team will continue their follow-up research on this electric skin to further improve its efficiency, as well as enabling this technology to work on larger skins so that it can be worn as a full outfit.
Lee Eunjin, Arirang News.
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