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Updated: 2022-05-03 08:58:05 KST
SK Broadband and Netflix are embroiled in a lawsuit.
The Korean internet service provider is calling for network usage fees from the American content provider GIVEN the DRAMATIC ESCALATION in INTERNET TRAFFIC in light of latter's popularity on the local front.
For more I have Doctor ROSLYN LAYTON at AALBORG University LIVE on the LINE.
Doctor Layton it's a pleasure to have you with us.

1) Let's begin with a few words on the dispute between SK Broadband and Netflix.

2) Last June the Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of SK Broadband.
Netflix in response has since appealed the case to the Seoul High Court.
That being said I understand Netflix has proposed an alternative solution?

3) Doctor Layton where do you stand on this ongoing legal battle between these two private companies?

4) How have disputes between internet service providers and content providers been settled elsewhere?

5) Pundits say a final ruling on this case between SK Broadband and Netflix looks to have EXTENSIVE IMPLICATIONS.
What are your thoughts Doctor Layton?

All right Doctor Layton thank you for making the time to join us live at this hour with your thoughts.
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