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Updated: 2022-04-29 10:03:04 KST
ON VIEWPOINT today we shed light on a distinguished Korean-American scientist who has been tapped to head the American Physical Society.
Professor Kim Young-Kee at the University of Chicago will assume the top post in 2024.
But starting this year she will serve successive one-year terms as vice president president-elect the president and past-president.
For more I have her now joining me LIVE on the LINE.
It's a pleasure to have you with us Professor Kim.

1) First then do tell us a bit about the American Physical Society.

2) And now you've been elected to serve in the Society's presidential leadership.
How does that feel?

3) Professor Kim pundits say the pandemic has shed greater light on the prevalence of public distrust in science broadly speaking.
Do you agree? And if so how do you explain this rampant disregard of scientific information?

4) What do you propose to regain public trust which health authorities believe is crucial to compliance to government policies especially in the wake of another pandemic?

5) Professor Kim you also serve as the head of the Korean American Scientists and Engineers Association.
What can you tell us about the contributions of this particular association to advancing the field of science in the U.S.?

6) Finally do share with us a bit about your future plans while at the helm of the American Physical Society and about any initiatives to perhaps boost collaborations between scientists here in South Korea and there in the U.S.

All right Professor Kim thank you very much for making the time to join us live with your thoughts.
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