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Updated: 2022-04-27 10:02:08 KST
Authorities have lowered the infectious disease level of COVID-19 to CLASS TWO and all restrictions with the exception of the mask mandate have been lifted.
The task now is to ensure that members of the public will seek to make informed decisions to allow for a new normal amid COVID-19.
For more I have Professor Kim Moon-kyu from Yonsei University.
Professor Kim welcome back.
I also have Doctor Kim Seung-taek from Institut Pasteur Korea.
It's good to have you here Doctor Kim.

1) Professor Kim the number of patients in critical care stands at 546 while we've lost 141 lives on this Wednesday.
What are your thoughts on these tallies?

2) Doctor Kim starting this past Monday eating and drinking at movie theaters and indoor sports stadiums are allowed.
Now some have questioned the logic of mandating masks within classrooms and working environments while permitting their removal to consume food within confined spaces.
How do you respond?

3) Professor Kim also starting this week authorities have downgraded the four-tier infectious disease level of COVID-19 from CLASS ONE to CLASS TWO.
What changes are we looking at under this new classification?

(( 3-2) Professor Kim which diseases are currently classified as CLASS TWO?))

4) Doctor Kim starting April 30th until May 22nd visits to nursing homes will be allowed as Korea celebrates a number of family-oriented holidays including Parents' Day and Children's Day.
What precautions do you advice to ensure a safe reunion?

5) Professor Kim we are now ushering in the season of spring and as beautiful as the flowers are those who suffer from pollen allergy are quite anxious.
Having said that how can we distinguish these allergy symptoms from those of COVID-19?

6) Doctor Kim health authorities have spoken about the importance of securing more COVID-19 treatment pills as Korea seeks an exit from the pandemic.
That being said what can you tell us about our own efforts to develop a treatment option against COVID-19?

7) Professor Kim speculation is high about a resurgence in late autumn.
Do you share this view?

8) Doctor Kim so it's understood that the risk of a rebound is real.
What can be done to prevent it or perhaps to better respond to it?

9) Professor Kim some pundits are calling for national campaigns to maintain public vigilance against COVID-19.
What do you recommend?

10) Doctor Kim authorities are calling on members of the public to make informed decisions with regard to their actions amid life with COVID-19.
What are some words of advice that you would choose to share with the public?

All right
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