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How will technology shape the future? 2022 World IT Show gives us an idea.
Updated: 2022-04-22 17:05:40 KST
"This is Temi, the personal robot.
He's a new friend I've met at the 2022 World IT Show and he's a very friendly AI robot that's here to give me all the information I need.
This little guy is just one of the many innovations on display here at the show."

Large-scale expos have come back with social distancing curbs gone.
This year's IT show was the first to sound the alarm.
Around 350 firms showcased their cutting edge technologies for three days this week.
A bustling crowd swarmed in to see what the future has to offer.

"With just 30 seconds of data from a person's voice, we can recreate their voices in five different languages and make the lips match the words. It's an auto-dubbing service."

"So you've got a plan."

"We develop WebXR-based digital platforms. For a year, we've created eight displays for our Five Great National Science Museums and invited children for two weeks. They could play games there and get the full experience. Our service is considered to be very educational to kids."

AI technology, Metaverse, and Extended Reality, or "XR", were some of the biggest hits at this IT fest.
They were used not just because they were fun or useful, but also because these innovations could help maximize safety.

"So our 3D LiDAR sensor detects everything that's moving inside or outside. And the AI can recognize if the moving object is a person, a car, a bike, a cart or heavy equipment."

This technology developed by Wata would be exceptionally useful in industrial plants with its one-of-a-kind sensors being able to spot danger in a split second.
Visitors at the show were in awe by the technological advances that this year has to offer.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News
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