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Cold wave to reach its peak tomorrow...Seoul to start off at -12°C
Updated: 2022-01-11 17:11:17 KST
Bitter cold temperatures struck the entire nation today. But, much more frigid conditions are in the forecast tomorrow, as temperatures will plunge even further. As of 9 PM tonight, most inland regions will have cold wave advisories issued. Northern central regions will see minus figures for the entire day tomorrow. The capital region will be starting off at minus 12 degrees Celsius. Places like Cheorwon in Gangwon-do Province will be even colder, with lows at minus 17 degrees. Keep in mind that temperatures will feel colder than the actual readings.

Meanwhile, southern parts of the country will see light snowfall until tomorrow morning. Coastlines of Jeolla-do Province will see 1 to 5 centimeters of snowfall. Mountainous regions of Jeju Island will see heavy snowfall of up to 30 centimeters.

Morning lows will be 2 to 5 degrees lower than today. Chuncheon will be extremely cold at minus 16 degrees.

Partly cloudy to overcast skies are expected for the daytime. Seoul will reach minus 3 degrees. Gwangju 2 degrees. Busan and Jeju 5 degrees.

Double-digit negative figures are forecast to continue for the morning hours until Friday. Make sure to wrap up extra warm.

That's all for now, and here are the weather conditions around the world.
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