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All-Korean affair at top int'l baduk tournament final ends China's six year reign
Updated: 2021-11-04 17:07:52 KST
It was an all-Korean affair
An intense, three-hour-long duel on home turf for one of world baduk's most coveted titles.

"For the first time in fourteen years, this year's Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance World Masters final was played between two South Koreans: world number one Shin Jin-seo and number two Park Jung-hwan."

The crown eventually went to Park, who surprisingly came back after losing on Monday to defeat Shin two days straight in a contactless, best-of-three format putting a halt to Shin's domestic dominance and reigniting a rivalry that had recently lost meaning.

"Losing all seven duels to Jin-seo in last year's "Namhae Super Match" series was most painful. I knew from the start it'd be tough this time as well but I guess luck was on my side. I'm so happy I won and I think we've both grown a lot from facing each other so often."

Beside 250-thousand U.S. dollars in prize money, his victory also brings home a trophy that had gone to China for the past six years as Korean baduk fought through a prolonged slump.

"Korean baduk players are now playing with more confidence against Chinese pros and it's showing. We claimed both the championship and second place at this tournament and I'm hoping Team Korea can continue its winning ways."

Those winning ways will continue after the champ takes a short break though away from the pressure, closer to family and friends.

"I'd just like to treat my peers to some delicious food. Perhaps some Korean barbeque? Yeah definitely some good barbeque."

Han Seong-woo, Arirang News.
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