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French vintage fashion picks up steam amid COVID-19 lockdown
Updated: 2021-04-19 06:00:27 KST
A third COVID-19 lockdown can't stop luxury lovers from shopping in the world's fashion capital as French vintage fashion is picking up steam online.
Auction houses in Paris have turned their sales online to accommodate those who have both time and money to spare.
While overseeing the online sales of hundreds of Chanel jackets, shoes and jeweled accessories, an expert said the sales of second hand luxury items have been doing well online since the start of the pandemic.

"I think because people have time to spend at home, to find out the value of what they have and if they could sell it, or on the other hand, to buy items, which is another means of consumption. People can't walk into luxury boutiques, and so shop at online auctions."

She said vintage fashion has been already enjoying a revival due to growing discomfort with fast fashion among consumers and rising environmental awareness but the pandemic shifted the sales online.
According to online auction house aggregator Interencheres, fashion and online vintage clothing sales and auctions in France last year jumped by more than four times compared with pre-pandemic levels to about seven.four million U.S. dollars.
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