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Self-driving delivery robot on call for parcel and grocery delivery in Singapore
Updated: 2021-04-19 06:00:29 KST
It's not necessary for some people to visit the grocery store if they run out of milk in Singapore.
That's because, these self-driving robots are hitting the streets to deliver groceries.
Meet Camello, the autonomous delivery robots which were created by technology company in Singapore.
For a one-year trial period, these robots will lend a helping hand to around 700 households to bring items that they've bought online from a nearby supermarket as well as online shopping parcels for free.
The creator of the robot says it can carry a maximum of 20 kilograms at once.

"Especially during this pandemic period, everybody is looking at, you know, contactless, humanless. Because in the robot itself, it has its own disinfection UVC light that we could do disinfection after every trip is being made, by itself."

When the package is loaded into the robot and when it gets close to the designated pick-up point, it sends notifications to the buyer through an app.
Developers are currently in talks to expand the role of their robots, hoping to cover more areas in the city.
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