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Tokyo Olympics could still be cancelled due to COVID-19: senior Japanese ruling party official
Updated: 2021-04-15 15:40:10 KST
With just 99 days to go until the Tokyo Olympics, a senior Japanese politician has said that cancelling the Games is still an option if the COVID-19 situation gets worse.
The secretary general of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, Toshihiro Nikai, said Thursday on a TV program that if the virus makes it impossible, then "of course" cancellation is an option.
Japan is battling a fourth wave, averaging around 3-thousand cases a day, and has already announced that people will not be allowed to enter the country from overseas to attend the Games.
A week ago, Tokyo was put under a quasi-state of emergency, limiting business hours for bars and other places.
There are now just 99 days left until the Olympics are due to open on July 23rd.
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