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S. Korea slams Japan for not sticking to pledge over UNESCO listing of Meiji-era industrial sites
Updated: 2020-06-26 08:18:40 KST
South Korea's ambassador to UNESCO has come out swinging against Japan, saying it must adhere to the promise it made to honor the victims of forced labor at a UNESCO heritage information center that recently opened in Tokyo.
Speaking in France on Thursday, Kim Dong-gi, Seoul's ambassador to the international body, said Japan is not abiding the pledge it made at the World Heritage Committee and urged Tokyo to take follow-up measures to fix the issue.
He added that not only is Japan disregarding the authority of UNESCO, it's also tarnishing Japan's status on the international stage.
Earlier, South Korea requested UNESCO consider removing Japan's Meiji-era industrial sites from the World Heritage list for distorting history.
Responding to that, Japan's top Cabinet Secretary insisted Tokyo had faithfully implemented UNESCO's recommendations.
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