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S. Korean Ambassador to Madagascar calls for greater global attention on developing countries amid COVID-19
Updated: 2020-06-26 04:54:30 KST
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage across the world, infecting millions in its wake.
The virus is upturning people's lives everywhere, but most of all in countries that lack critical infrastructure to deal with the pandemic.
The World Economic Forum says 85 percent of the world's population live in developing countries, where the effects of the pandemic will be worst felt.
Today we speak with Lim Sang-woo South Korean Ambassador to the Republic of Madagascar, who has been observing and helping the local response to outbreak of COVID-19.
Thank you Ambassador for joining us today.

How did the infection cases begin to emerge and spread in Madagascar?

There was a global shortage of COVID-19 test kits but Madagascar managed to procure them. You helped facilitate this please tell us how.

What has been the local response or reaction to the South Korean test kits and how many test kits have been supplied so far?

I understand that when the pandemic first broke out in Madagascar in March, the Korean embassy organized a charter flight to repatriate not only Korean citizens, but also people of other nationalities? Can you briefly explain what happened?

Do you agree there's not enough global attention on countries with lesser developed social infrastructure, many of which are already riddled with health issues and inadequate medical facilities. What's the danger of health problems being exacerbated due to the pandemic?

How are people's livelihoods in these societies Madagascar, especially being impacted, given that they rely heavily on tourism and are mostly employed in the informal sector?

As of early June, around 110 countries requested humanitarian assistance from South Korea to tackle COVID-19. (1)What key roles do you see South Korea playing to help these countries, (2) and how is the South Korean Embassy in Madagascar planning to be part of these efforts?

We'll have to wrap up the conversation here but thank you for your insights. Lim Sang-woo South Korean Ambassador to the Republic of Madagascar. Thank you for joining us and we wish you the best of luck in your efforts to bring Korea's COVID response model to Madagascar.

This is also where we wrap up the show. Thank you for watching.
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