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Solar eclipse to be seen in S. Korea on June 21
Updated: 2020-06-16 10:00:56 KST

The grand cosmic event will begin at 3-53 PM, Korea time, on Sunday, starting in Seoul.
It begins with the moon crossing the edge of the sun.
At 5-02 PM, the partial eclipse will reach its peak with nearly half the sun covered by the moon.
After the 2 hours and 11 eleven minutes the eclipse will be over.
And if you miss this one, you'll have to wait until June 2030 to see the next.

Central Africa, China, Taiwan and parts of the Middle East will see a "ring of fire" annular solar eclipse, where the moon covers the center of the sun, making it look like a ring.

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"Solar eclipses happen two to five times a yearbut with the angle of the sun, the moon, and the earth, many regions can't see the spectacle most of the time."

As South Korea is expected to have clear skies on Sunday except for Yeongdong County in North Chungcheong-do Province, all regions should be able to watch in awe.

However, viewing a partial solar eclipse safely is essential.
People must use a filtered telescope or special glasses to view it.
Without protection, the sun's radiation can burn your retinas, leading to permanent damage or even blindness.
Choi Jeong-yoon, Arirang News.
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