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VJ Thermal Imaging Drones
Updated: 2020-06-08 17:09:06 KST
Rising need for drones to prevent the spread of COVID-19
Ensuring people wear masks and checking for signs of fever through non-contact methods.
Please wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for your cooperation.
Drones with infrared thermal imaging cameras play a big role in prevention.
Their announcements remind people to wear masks, and they can also detect people with temperatures above 37.5 degrees Celsius.
Drones can cover very large areas, which is why they are used around the world.
Using drones reduces time and labor
Active use of drones by police
Using drones has a lot of advantages. The police have plans to use drones for investigations or searches.
Through COVID-19, drone training is accelerating among the police, fire fighters, and local government bodies.
We look forward to the broader use of drones
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