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'Korea Immersive Studio', Asia's biggest volumetric video capture and creation facility, opens
Updated: 2020-05-27 17:09:32 KST
There isn't anyone dancing on the street, yet I can see people dancing through my phone.
The recently-opened 'Korea Immersive Studio' in Korea VR and AR Complex is where such immersive content is made.
Modeled on the Intel Studios in Los Angeles, 'Korea Immersive Studio' is the biggest volumetric video capture and creation facility in Asia.
The Ministry of Science and ICT invested more than 8-million U.S. dollars to build this studio and promote the immersive content industry in South Korea.

"Previously the studio had to produce the immersive content using computer graphics which took months,. but now, with sixty 4K cameras, 360-degree immersive content can be produced much more quickly."

"In this studio we can make reality-like stereoscopic 3D. The user can actually experience the content by moving it up and down, right or left, and even turning it around, thus enabling users to experience an increased level of immersion."

Creating such immersive content is possible only with 5G technology.
Given that one minute of immersive content uses 1.2 gigabytes of data, about the same as a high-definition movie, content producers need to be able to quickly transmit large amounts of data.
This studio will enable small and medium sized companies to use this cutting-edge technology.

"New content should be produced to meet public demand in a 5G environment, but it was previously hard for small and medium sized companies to go abroad and use expensive high-tech equipment. Now they can safely use this infrastructure in the country even during the COVID-19 outbreak for example."

Immersive content from this studio will soon be seen in the fields of education, sports and culture.
KIM Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.
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