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Guiding principles in fighting COVID-19: 'speed, transparency, innovation, and voluntary civic participation': PM
Updated: 2020-03-28 09:16:23 KST

Voluntary civic participation has played a major role in curbing the spread of the coronavirus, said Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun.
Nationwide efforts in practicing social distancing and personal hygiene habits have helped stabilize the amount of newly confirmed cases per daynow down to two-digit numbers.
But, he said this is no time to be complacent.

"The fight against this novel virus might be much longer than we assume. Therefore, we are also preparing for long-term battle with COVID-19."

Prime Minister Chung summarized the country's guiding principles in four key concepts: speed, transparency, innovation, and voluntary civic participation.
Conducting 10-thousand tests daily helped curb the spread of the virus. Also, the government is being transparent with the public by informing them of the current status via two briefings per day.
The government is coming up with innovative ways, such as drive-thru testing and self-quarantine via smartphone apps, to handle the situation.
Chung said this war against COVID-19 will end in victory for humanity if the world joins forces in its collective wisdom and insights.
When asked about loosening entry restrictions on Japan, he said that it will remain as it is due to a remarkable number of newly confirmed cases in Tokyo.
This remark comes after Japan decided to extend entry restrictions on South Korea until the end of April.
South Korea suspended visa-free entry for Japan earlier this month, a day after Tokyo imposed new entry restrictions for Koreans.
But the Prime Minister expressed hope that they could revive a currency swap deal with Japan to ease a liquidity crunch in the financial market.
The two countries had tried to revive a bilateral currency line which had expired in 2015.
But the talks were suspended as their diplomatic relationship deteriorated last year.
Hong Yoo, Arirang News.
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