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S. Korea's Jeju provincial gov't to sue two infected holidaymakers
Updated: 2020-03-27 17:04:36 KST
In the first ever of such kind, the provincial government of South Korea's Jeju Island is filing a compensation suit against a college student and her mother who traveled to the resort island despite having symptoms of COVID-19 and later testing positive for it.
Jeju-do Province said Thursday that the plaintiffs suing for damages are the local government and businesses and residents who incurred financial losses or had to self-quarantine because of the defendants.
The student who had been studying in the U.S., flew back to her home in Seoul on March 15th but ignored the government imposed self-quarantine and traveled to Jeju with her mother and two others.
She felt symptoms on the first day there, visited a hospital, and then tested positive on March 24th when she returned to Seoul.
Her mother tested positive the next day.
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