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S. Korea adopts strong measures to prevent spread of Wuhan Coronavirus
Updated: 2020-01-24 12:17:58 KST

Ahead of one of the biggest holidays in Asia,..the South Korean government has pledged its utmost effort to closely monitor the situation, to make this hectic period run safely.
Security and quarantine measures are tighter than ever in the airport, where more than a million people will be passing through.
Currently, four provinces and one city in China have been classified as contaminated areas and those entering from these regions are asked about health conditions.
Ear thermometers and heat cameras are also used to check incoming visitors' temperatures, and the authorities are placing those suspected to have been infected with the disease in a designated isolation ward.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare emphasized cooperation among citizens as people who have the virus but are showing no signs could pass the security points and spread the disease.

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"Anyone who has traveled should closely watch their conditions and if a slight symptom is shown, should report to Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."
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Even though the World Health Organization has not declared a global public health crisis, South Korea has already put global emergency quarantine measures in place.
South Korea's foreign ministry issued a travel warning to Wuhan, urging Koreans to refrain from traveling.
All flights from Wuhan Airport are suspended temporarily as of Friday.

The government's quarantine measures also include sea routes such as Busan Port International Passenger Terminal.
And a disease control center will be open 24-hours a day during the Lunar New Year travel season.
Over 130-thousand visitors from China are expected to come and spend their holidays in South Korea.
Any travelers who have fever or respiratory problems within 2 weeks of traveling abroad are advised to contact the disease control center by dialing 1339.
Choi Jeong-yoon, Arirang News.
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