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S. Korean president promises a year of 'definitive change' and hope
Updated: 2020-01-23 16:04:17 KST
Over the next four days South Korea will be celebrating the Lunar New Year, one of the coutnry's most important traditional holidays.
And on Thursday, on the eve of the holiday, President Moon Jae-in addressed the nation through a video message vowing to do his best to help the people witness definitive change this year.

"The Republic of Korea is small but strong. We have overcome difficulties and developed enough to lead the world in many fields. This year, I promise to work diligently so that all the Korean people can actually feel definitive change and gain new hope."

He added that the world is in awe of Korea touting its ability to the spread its culture through the Korean Wave, on top of the country's rapid growth, dynamism and mature citizenship.
He also wished all Koreans a warm and bountiful holiday.
And in that spirit, earlier in the day, the President and the First Lady went to a local market where flocks of people shopped for their family gatherings.
There the couple offered some words of encouragement to the vendors and did some of their own shopping.
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