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White House argues impeachment articles 'constitutionally defective'; calls for speedy acquittal
Updated: 2020-01-21 07:04:43 KST
The White House has filed a long legal brief to fire back at the two impeachment articles against President Trump as his Senate trial is due to start.
It also calls for a "speedy acquittal" of the president.
For more on this and other news around the world, let's turn to our Yoon Jung-min.
Jung-min, tell us the latest.

Conn-young, President Trump's legal team argues that the impeachment articles passed by the House are "constitutionally defective" and should be quickly dropped by the Senate.
This is according to a 110-page long legal brief filed by the White House on Monday ahead of the Senate trial.
The executive summary says the Senate should speedily reject the articles and acquit President Trump.
The lawyers argue the first article 'abuse of power' does not state an impeachable offense under the Constitution.
President Trump has been accused of allegedly pressuring Ukraine to investigate his political rivals.
The lawyers argue the second article 'obstruction of Congress' also fails to constitute an impeachable act, as the president was only asserting his legal rights and privileges of the executive branch against "defective" subpoenas.
President Trump has been additionally accused of allegedly blocking witnesses from testifying and withholding evidence.
Trump's lawyers also say the Democrats have degraded the impeachment process and damaged the separation of powers.
In response, House Democrats submitted a nine-page filing, saying President Trump believes he's above the law.
The Democrats again claimed President Trump did violate the law and risked U.S. national interests.
The Senate trial will begin on Tuesday, local time.
It remains to be seen whether the Senate will summon witnesses to give testimony.
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