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Rain down south to let up this afternoon
Updated: 2019-08-22 09:26:23 KST
Good afternoon. The autumn rainy season has begun. Southern parts of the country have been seeing showers with a heavy rain alerts but the rain clouds are gradually moving out. But most of the rain will let up by mid-afternoon. Jeju and southern coastal regions could be quite windy.

Humidity has risen again, upper regions will be under mostly sunny skies with a few passing clouds. Daily highs will be similar to a touch lower than Wednesday.
Seoul and Jeju will get up to 30 degrees Celsius, rest will see highs in the upper twenties this afternoon.

Afternoon heat is likely to stay with us for the time being hovering around 30 degrees Celsius, but mornings and evenings will get a lot cooler with the mercury hovering in the low twenties.

That's Korea for you and here's the international weather for viewers around the world.
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